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"It is our moral responsibility to be good community members, be empathetic, compassionate and help one another. Can you imagine being so hungry and not knowing when your next meal will be?"

That was just one of the messages my grade 5 teacher spoke to our class about, and after the schools second emergency food drive I felt I needed to help. Imagine, a cry out to schools because mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents did not have food to eat. I kept thinking that at least when my tummy grumbles I can reach into my lunch bag and get food. That year I raised over 700 non-perishable food items, but I did not want to stop there.  This is how "Bank on Bellies" started. My goal was to raise 2000 non-perishable food items in the 4 weeks before Thanksgiving. I am grateful to say that with the help of my neighbourhood, family, and friends, I not only reached my goal, I surpassed it by raising 2844 food items! Kerr Street Mission asked me "how long am I going to collect for" and I realized that I do not want to stop because hunger does not go on vacation. Since the beginning of September, 2017, me and my kindness crusaders have collected 18,722 non-perishable food items and raised $34,791. My goal now is to raise $50,000 & 50,000 non perishable food items. YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME THAT #KINDNESSFEEDSBELLIES 



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