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I strongly believe in our responsibility to support and uplift our community by fostering empathy, compassion, and assistance to those in need. The seeds of this belief were sown in my fifth-grade classroom, where my teacher highlighted the harsh reality of food insecurity and the uncertainty of not knowing when the next meal will come.

Witnessing the distressing plea for assistance during my school's emergency food drive stirred a deep sense of obligation within me. It struck me that while I could easily address my hunger from my packed lunch, others were not as fortunate. Motivated by this realization, I initiated a mission — 'Bank on Bellies.' My organisation's name states my principles whereby I “bank on,” and invest time and effort to create sustainable solutions to alleviate food insecurity, by supporting marginalized communities.

My initial target of collecting 2,000 non-perishable food items before Thanksgiving expanded beyond expectations, thanks to the unwavering support from my community, family, and friends. Surpassing the goal with 2,844 food items, the impact of this collective effort was incredible. However, the realization dawned on me that the fight against hunger knows no end.

Since September 2017, the 'Bank on Bellies' movement, along with my fellow kindness crusaders, has gathered 21,502 non-perishable food items and raised $34,791.

My vision now extends towards raising $50,000 and 50,000 non-perishable food items. The tireless acts of kindness and generosity from others have fueled my goals. I am continually inspired by the impact of #KINDNESSFEEDSBELLIES, propelling me to strive for a world where everyone has the right to access healthy and nutritious food. 


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